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Reduce your ops time and deliver real value to your customers

StackZone provides a simple and unique multi-cloud central point for you and your customers. With StackZone you deploy pre-built solutions with a few clicks in hundreds of customers and accounts in a matter of minutes.


Best Practices as a Service (BPAAS).

StackZone Console

Why StackZone MSP Program?


Centralized Commander

Having a single sign-on to deploy solutions to all your customers in all major cloud vendors simplifies how you keep control of your configurations. 


Increase Profitability

You can focus in delivering real value to your customers, fix complex problems and leave the rest to StackZone.


Marketplace Offers

As MSP, you will be able to promote your consultancy solutions using our platform. All customers will be able to get your professional services. 


Keep Compliance

You clients will become vendor-compliant by adopting best practices offered by StackZone


Operate at Scale

Scale to hundreds of customers and workloads. Benefit from the automation and onboard new customers in hours rather than weeks.


Multi-Tenancy Support

Each customer logs in to their platform and you oversee the entire state.

StackZone MSP Pricing

Your Customers Cloud Spend is $0


Your StackZone MSP Monthly Fee will be $0

MSP Tier

MSP Tier

Tiered Pricing

From $0 to $49,999

$50,000 +

+ 5% of your cloud bill

+ 3% of your cloud bill


Full Access to StackZone a managed multi-cloud landing zone solution.

Unlimited customers and features

24/7 Support Included

FAQs  |  MSP Program

How do we manage all our customers from a single platform?

Do my customers lose the ability to change things themselves?

As an MSP, I own the Payer account. Do I lose my reseller benefits?

What are the main benefits as an MSP by adopting StackZone?

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