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Thursday 30th of June 2022 4pm GMT+1, 11am EDT, 8am PDT
Launch Event

In this event, Fernando Hönig, StackZone’s Founder & CEO, and Gastón Silbestein, co-Founder & CRO, will show you our Cloud Management Platform, and how your cloud security, management, compliance, and costs will improve by adopting automation.


We will also have special guests who will share with us how StackZone improves their cloud experience and how this is reflected on AWS users every day.

Sign up for the event on our LinkedIn, or contact us to join the special deal.

Special Guests: Alejandra Jaramillo (AWS Sales representative) and Sergio Bonilla (Sigma Movil CEO).



Introduction (Fernando Hönig)


How our simple onboarding works (Fernando Hönig)


Why adopting best practices is important? (Alejandra Jaramillo)


How StackZone helped Sigma Movil to move foward in their business (Sergio Bonilla)


How our platform works? (Fernando Hönig)

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