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High Compliance

Adopting a standard, a framework or best practices provides great benefits for organizations adding predictability, standardization, security, etc. But monitoring and ensuring compliance can be a costly, time-demanding, and team effort challenge. StackZone not only helps organizations align to standards and best practices but provides monitoring and restrictions capabilities to help the infrastructure team ensure continuous compliance. This is done by implementing improvements and remediations through automation in a fraction of the time and cost of manual implementation.


StackZone customers have an average of 74% compliance to Cloud Security Best Practices.

StackZone Console

Remain aligned with a multi-account landing zone

When talking about cloud compliance, managing access, monitoring and standardizing are key factors to remain aligned. As part of implementation, StackZone deploys a multi-account landing zone improving the organization’s management capabilities. 

The Core accounts deployed by StackZone are

Primary: Centralized and secure management of access is a basic request on every standard. StackZone implements Single Sign-on with Multi Factor authentication in all the organization’s environments centrally administered from the Primary account.

Security: This account hosts all the security services oriented to provide the infrastructure and security team monitoring accesses, monitoring security and security assessment capabilities.

Shared Services: Standardizing your deployment is essential when talking about compliance. StackZone’s EC2 Builder on the shared services Account, allows your infrastructure team to organize, validate, secure and enforce the AMIs in use across your organization.

Log Archive: This account acts as an audit account, where all AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, Amazon GuardDuty and Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) Logs can be forwarded for a better analysis.

Keep you environments compliant

StackZone easily implements Service Control Policies to ensure your environments remain compliant with standards and internal policies.

StackZone Console
Service Control Policies will help you to get High Compliance

Service Control Policies: StackZone will help the infrastructure team by ensuring every instance has the right tag and/or ensuring only compliant services can be deployed in the organization by simply enabling Tagging, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC, or machine learning guardrails.

StackZone Console

Ensure your resources configuration is compliant

Stackzone Baseline services are AWS services configured and orchestrated by StackZone that ensure your resources configuration is compliant.

51 cloud compliance related config rules

Monitor your resources configuration with our 51 cloud compliance related config rules.

Every standard and best practice framework requires backup, ensure your information is backed up in just a couple of clicks by simply configuring AWS Backup on StackZone’s console.

Instantly solve non-compliant resources through automation with our 11 compliance-related remediation rules.

Deploy compliant infrastructure using our Service Catalog portfolios as well as StackZone’s auto-tagging features.

All this can be done by just a couple of clicks on your StackZone console in minutes, not days of implementation

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