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Does StackZone implementation need to be done by an expert?

Is StackZone available in AWS Marketplace?

What is a Landing Zone?

Should I migrate my workload from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to StackZone?

I have an AWS Organization already, can I get StackZone working?

When I give you access to my AWS Organization, do I lose any ownership or control?

I have AWS Credits, do I lose them?

Can I bring my existing AWS account or do I need to start from scratch and migrate everything?

My AWS Environments are managed by an AWS Partner, can they use StackZone?

You mention Amazon Web Services, what about Azure Cloud and Google Cloud?

Can I use StackZone from any country in the world?

Can I implement StackZone if my account is managed by a MSP?

What information do I need to provide to StackZone during the initial configuration?

How long does the implementation take?

How often is StackZone updated?

Is StackZone designed only for big companies with large Cloud Workloads?

How many members of the team should I assign to manage StackZone?

Will StackZone change my account number?

Should I inform Amazon Web Services (AWS) that I have implemented StackZone?

Does Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide support for StackZone?

License & Pricing

License & Pricing

Can I pay for more than one StackZone Organization with the same Credit card?

Can I have more than one AWS Organization under the same StackZone?

What’s included in the Free Tier?

What payment options are available?

Do I need a license to implement StackZone?

How much does StackZone cost?



How many hours will it take my team to implement StackZone?

Do we have to implement StackZone to all our accounts?

Can I change StackZone Settings once it is implemented?

What's the difference between StackZone, Control Tower and AWS Landing Zone?

Can I deactivate StackZone at any time?

Which standards does StackZone comply with?

Will StackZone have access to my private account information?

Is StackZone available on all AWS regions?

Where are all services that I select in StackZone deployed?

How many AWS accounts can I have in my StackZone Organization?

What are the minimum requirements to install StackZone?

Does StackZone support all AWS Services?

What information about my account will StackZone save on their servers?

Will StackZone have Root access to my account?

Can anyone in my organization access the StackZone console?

Are updates implemented automatically?

How can I check if my StackZone is up to date?

What integrations are available?

Is StackZone compatible with any Cloud Vendor?

Our AWS Accounts were created by AWS Control Tower, can I use StackZone instead?



Will my payment Option change if I implement StackZone?

Can I pay with the same credit card I pay AWS?

Can I pay AWS and StackZone in one bill?

Is there any extra AWS charge for using StackZone?

Does StackZone offer local billing?

I am paying AWS by direct debit or by invoice NET30, do I lose this if I use StackZone?

After implementing StackZone, can I purchase AWS saving plans and Reserved instances?



If something goes wrong, does StackZone have 24/7 support?

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