Cost Efficiency

Getting the best of the cloud at the right price is something every organization follows, but many times reducing costs is tricky. Reducing costs by sacrificing resiliency, security, or performance is not an option, that is why taking the right decision and continuing monitoring costs and any event that can be

translated into a cost increase is essential..

SatckZone provides not only the capability of actively working on the organization's cloud costs through automation but to monitor cloud costs and cost-related events to ensure you will only pay for what you need when you needed.

Multiaccount LandingZone

As part of StackZone implementation, and as set by cloud Best practices, StackZone deploys a multi-account landing zone improving the organization´s cloud management and governance capabilities.


StackZone Multiaccount LandingZone

The Core accounts deployed by StackZone are the Primary, Log Archive, Security, Networking and Shared Services accounts. The accounts directly involve in Cost Efficiency are:

Primary Account: It administers the organization's billing, on this account the infrastructure team can analyze and implement cost strategies for the whole organization. Defining if EC2 instances are over or under dimensioned and taking change decisions is easy with compute optimizer. As well as improving planning and cost control with AWS Budgets. Both services are deployed and consumed on the primary account.

Networking Account: This account will act as a central hub for all your external/internal connectivity. By adopting AWS Transit Gateway, you will have control of how your services can talk to each other and reduce costs significantly by reducing the number of NAT Gateways in your AWS infrastructure.

Baseline Services

Stackzone Baseline services are AWS services configured and orchestrated by our automation. This will ensure all your accounts are monitored, aligned with security best practices, and simply and centrally managed.

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StackZone Baseline Services

Monitor your instances and AWS service configuration is critical for cost control, simply identify EBS volumes not being used, Elastic IP addresses not attached to an Amazon EC2 or Amazon EC2 Instances stopped to avoid ghost costs by activating StackZone config rules.


Instantly solve non-compliant resources through automation with StackZone remediation rules.

Rely on automation to simply optimize EBS volumes converting them from GP2 to GP3, adding spot instances strategies to autoscaling groups, and/or scheduling Amazon EC2 instances active hours by just tagging


Get alerts on changes on AWS resources that may affect costs and actively monitor your cost through StackZone's 26 cost-related Cloudwatch and billing & usage alerts.

All this and much more will be deployed in a few clicks on your StackZone console through automation and in just minutes not days of development and implementation.