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Case Studies


Sigma Móvil decided to adopt StackZone to address some of the High Risk Items identified on the Well Architected Review with special focus in the Security pillar. 

StackZone deployed a Well Architected Framework complaint landing zone with 6 accounts in less than 48 hours.

“StackZone constantly keeps improving your cloud environment. This has become incredibly valuable to us particularly in terms of cloud  security since our more valuable asset is our data”.

Sergio Bonilla Otoya, General Director.


Triario adopted StackZone to improve their AWS Workload organization as well as manage access in a way that allowed them to keep growing in a more organized and secure manner, in full alignment with best practices. 

“Securing our workloads was our primary objective this year. With AWS SSO we simplified the process and managed to get all credentials and permissions centralised and secured.“

Hugo Buelvas, Managing Director


Management & Quality, decided to adopt StackZone to ensure all their resources were developed in a standardized, real-time monitored, secured, and cost-efficient manner.

"Working with StackZone allowed us to identify and solve security and cost opportunities in a simple and fast way. Now, we are sure our workload is secure and cost-optimised and more importantly, that it will remain like that as we are actively monitoring and solving through StackZone’s automation."

Javier Vargas Prieto, Leader Center of Excellence.


Vitaccess participated in a Well Architected Day by StackZone that highlighted several areas of improvement according to a comparison against AWS recommended best practices.

They decided to adopt StackZone to build a framework which could be relied upon for future growth.

“Focusing on our product rather than the infrastructure was a key goal for this year, and relying on an automated platform was the solution for our team“.

John Spinage, Director of Technlogy


Facilitabots adopted StackZone to improve their AWS Workload security, gather documentation in the process, and be able to continue monitoring and managing their infrastructure in a way that is fast, simple and compliant with cloud best practices.

“Relying on an automated, secure and self-healing environment is everyone’s dream. Our team now focuses on what’s important: our clients“

Andrés Restrepo, Director of Technology


AutoProtect engaged with StackZone to bring Governance and start building a framework which could be relied on for future growth.

By adopting AWS Config and SSM Automation documents, StackZone enabled a fully compliant, automated S3 data protection system.

“Relying on an automated security remediation solution gave us the confidence and to build trust across the different areas of the organisation when building new products”.

Ian Gatley, Chief Technology Officer


Keroppa adopted StackZone not only for their need of deploying a Best Practice compliant environment in hours, but because they needed an automated and simple cloud management tool that allows them to manage their AWS workload with no need to add a cloud expert to the team.

“We needed to move fast as our applications were blocked on the Amazon Store due to lack of compliance and security. Deploying this framework fixed all the requirements and enabled us in 10 days.”

Eduardo Ruiz, CEO

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