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AWS Cost Optimization Software

Gain tight control over your AWS spend. No more spiraling cloud costs

AWS FinOps Automation

StackZone automates your AWS billing tasks with powerful FinOps capabilities. Achieve predictable costs

Lower AWS Costs

Automated AWS cost reduction lowers you spend. Billing alerts ensure tight budget controls

AWS Cost Management Tool

AWS billing config settings on autopilot. StackZone automates your cost management

AWS Cost Reductions

Reduce your AWS costs with extensive cost management capabilities, built in cost control config settings, self remediations and alerts


Reduce your AWS costs and keep tight control of your cloud budget

StackZone achieves 35% AWS cost reductions by optimizing your cloud costs

Economically configured

Your AWS accounts, security and cloud resources are correctly configured to uphold best practice for cost optimization.

Reduce AWS costs

Advanced automation reduces AWS costs without sacrificing resiliency, security, or performance.

Advanced reporting

Gain deep visibility and understanding of your cloud spend, avoid the black hole of spiralling IT costs.

Remain cost optimized

Never miss a saving plan renovation again. StackZone will send you a notification before your savings plan 7 days before it's due and 1 day before it expires.

Delivers tangible ROI

Investing in StackZone pays for itself by vastly reducing your cloud costs and delivering significant return on your investment.

No surprises

E-mail alerts when spend reaches 80%, 90% and 100%. This means you won’t get any surprise bills at the end of the month.

Extensive cost savings

Actively monitors and optimizes how your resources are being used in the cloud to deliver the highest cost savings.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Average 17% cost optimization after the first month of StackZone Adoption

StackZone customers saved an average of $10,000 in 2022 and they're still saving every day

E-mail alerts when spend reaches 80%, 90% & 100%

No  bill surprises at the end of the month

Deployment of StackZone delivers 40% compliance with cloud cost optimization best practices

Automate your AWS security at the touch of a button

87 Security Config Rules

5 Cost Control Rules

47 Compliance Config Rules

56 Self-Healing Remediations

67 Cloud Management Rules

20+ Cloud Monitoring Alarms

Management & Quality, adopted StackZone to ensure all their resources were developed in a standardized, real-time monitored, secured, and cost-efficient manner.

“Working with StackZone allowed us to identify and solve security and cost opportunities in a simple and fast way. Now, we’re sure our workload is secure, cost-optimized and more importantly, that it will remain like that as we are actively monitoring and solving through StackZone’s automation.”

Javier Vargas Prieto
Leader Center of Excellence.

Accelerate every aspect of your AWS Cloud Management


Central Dashboard Overview

Detailed reporting & monitoring, assess your cloud health at a glance. Powerful FinOps capabilities.


Easy AWS Cloud Management

Central management reduces manual effort, build faster to deliver projects rapidly.


Simple, Centralized Management

Reduces workloads & skills requirements, making deployments faster.


Built in Security Policies

Adopt AWS best practice without upskilling your entire team, become compliant.


Monitor & Scale


Drive your cloud capabilities and strategy, deliver digital transformation projects easily.

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